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Question: What is Medicare Part A?

Answer: Part A is Hospital Insurance, once admitted into the hospital everything is billed to Part A. Also included in Part A is skilled nursing care. There typically no cost for most people with Part A. There are deductibles and daily co-pays for hospital stays longer than 60 days. In a skilled nursing stay Medicare pays for the first 20 days Medicare will pay after that the beneficiary pays a daily co-pay up to 100 days per calendar year. Click here for the current deductibles and daily co-pays.

Question: What is Medicare Part B?

Answer: Part B is the Medical Insurance for Medicare. There is a Part B premium cost for Part B. All outpatient service go through Part B, such as doctor visits, tests, labs and outpatient surgeries. These is a deductible with Part B then it is 80% Medicare pays and 20% the beneficiary pays. Click here for the current deductible and premium cost..

Question: When can I sign up for Medicare?

Answer: You are first eligible for Medicare either turning 65 or after being on Social Security disability for 24 months at any age.

Question: Where, when, and how do I sign up for Medicare?

Answer: If you apply when turning 65, you can apply online or over the phone. If you took Social Security early, you will automatically be sent a Medicare card and no further action is required. If you opt out of Medicare when turning 65 and have creditable medical and drug coverage from a union or employer then apply at full retirement age or later, you'll have to call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 to set a phone appointment and supply medical coverage evidence from turning 65 until you decide to retire and leave your employment.

Question: How do I pay for Medicare Part B?

Answer: Your Medicare Part B premiums are either deducted from your monthly Social Security benefit check if you're on Social Security or if you're waiting until full retirement age Social Security will send you a quarterly bill or an monthly EFT out of your  bank account.

Question: Why is my Medicare Part B higher than the normal premium cost?

Answer: The Federal Government charges more for people who make over the threshold individually or filing jointly. This is called the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount or IRMAA. Social Security looks back 2 years for that tax return. Click here for the current IRMAA tiers. 

Question: What is Medicare Part C?

Answer: Part C is also referred to as a Medicare Advantage Plan, Some plans are a ZERO premium plan, can have drug coverage and offer benefits original Medicare does not offer. These plans are based on networks and co-pays with a maximum out of pocket cost per calendar year. Most plans have no deductibles for either the medical or drug coverage, however that can vary state to state.

Question: What is Medicare Part D?

Answer: Part D is a stand alone drug plan so you can have coverage for prescriptions.

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