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medicare MAPD and PDP Enrollment periods

Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPD) and Prescription Drug Plans PDP) have several enrollment opportunities below is the list of election periods.

  • Initial Election Period IEP when an individual is turning 65 and elects to take Part A and B at the same time.
  • Annual Election Period AEP is the time of year from October 15th to December 7th when individuals may elect to change their plans.
  • Open Enrollment Period OEP from January 1st thru March 31st a person may may a one time change from one MAPD to another MAPD or leave an MAPD and go back to original Medicare a elect to enroll in  a PDP.
  • Special Election Period SEP is an election period that is utilized throughout the rest of the year when a change in status occurs; I.E. moving out of a coverage area, loss of coverage, a plan terminates service in an area, etc.
  • 5 Star Special Election Period 5 Star SEP is a plan in an area that has received a 5 Star rating may at any time from December 8th to October 14th of the following year enroll an individual into that plan with a 1 time election period.

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